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2015 Berlin Love Parade Remake, “The Love Train”!

2015 Berlin Love Parade Remake, “The Love Train”!
July 18
13:55 2015

Legendary in any techno music lover’s mind, the Berlin Love Parade was a politically motivated street takeover that began in 1989. Over the years, it attracted hundreds of thousands of people – some say, even millions. Many of the pictures surrounding the early years of Berlin Love Parade involve people climbing or sitting on streetlights and commercial signs, giving this event the catchy nickname of “the greatest amateur circus on earth”.

A Little History On The Berlin Love Parade

After its inception, the Berlin Love Parade ran into trouble with the authorities and the German Green Party. By completely taking over the streets of Berlin, the festival-goers were causing environmental problems, due to an insufficient amount of toilet facilities. Also, due to the liberally-minded participants – and perhaps the weather – many of the attendants indulged in exhibitionism and, allegedly, public sex acts. Often, the Berlin Love Parade had to cancel its yearly party, due to legal opposition, even though it was a surprisingly peaceful event, given the sheer numbers that attended.

Berlin Love Parade - 1998

Berlin Love Parade – 1998

In 2004, they attempted to scale back the parade, so that the event would serve as a protest demonstration. This weekend event led to clubs staying open 24/7 over the Love Parade duration for up to three days, and millions of people still turned up for the event. Eventually, the authorities forced the Berlin Love Parade to move to the Ruhr area. Even then, the Love Parade stayed strong, attracting techno lovers from across the world in the same incredibly high numbers of before, even though it had been heavily commercialised by this point.

The End Of A Legacy

However, the Love Parade was completely brought to a standstill when a tragic event occurred in 2010. In a bid to limit or control the crowds, the Love Parade was fenced in – entry and exit took place through a tunnel. With people moving in two directions, and the whole event over-populated, mass panic broke out and 21 people died due to suffocation or being trampled to death. 500 were also injured in the crowd rush.

Introducing The Love Train

For 5 years, the Love Parade hasn’t operated. Now, it’s set to return, but organisers have stressed that it isn’t going to be like the mainstream Love Parade of the past. Instead, it will be hugely focused on combating political apathy and no international DJs will be booked for the event. They’ve renamed it “The Love Train”, and it’s set to take place on the 25th of July, under the banner of “tolerance and co-operation”. They will also be addressing issues surrounding rising rent prices and refugees. Love Train participants are being encouraged to bring political placards with them.

Although the parade creators anticipated a turnout of around 15,000 people, the number of people who have expressed a wish to take part on social media has hugely exceeded this total already. The parade route is once more set in the centre of Berlin, and there will be a minute’s silence to honour those that died during the 2010 Love Parade.

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