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4 Facts That Will Change the Way You Watch TV Forever

4 Facts That Will Change the Way You Watch TV Forever
October 08
08:00 2015

What We Learned at Warner Bros:

During our first stay in LA we were too busy enjoying the area’s gorgeous beaches to worry about checking out the many movie studios that the city has to offer. So after a year of nagging (can you guess which one of us did the nagging?), a VIP tour of the Warner Bros. studios was a firm agenda item for our California honeymoon. It was quite the experience, difficult to summarize in one article.

An empty soundstage used for big screen movie production

An empty soundstage used for big screen movie production

To save you the trouble of reading through pages and pages of text, let us share the juicy details that you really want to know:

#1 It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas …

… even though it was the middle of July. You might know that all those wonderfully heart warming Christmas episodes of your favourite series were probably filmed in the summer. This is to ensure everything is ready in time for an air-date during the Christmas season. What you might be unaware of are the extreme measures that Warner Bros. go to in order to ensure everything looks perfect. Who doesn’t remember the Gilmore Girls’ cosy winter mornings in Stars Hollow with seasonal activities such as snowman building competitions? Yep, fake snow in July! Stars Hollow would not be the same without its beautiful trees, which clearly aren’t evergreens. So, a movie studio does what a movie studio needs to do and gets rid of every last leaf on every tree. They have actual teams dedicated to such tasks. If you think that is strange, you should hear what they do when it’s Spring, but they need it to be Fall. Yes, they get people to tie multi-coloured leaves to the studio trees … et voilá: Autumn.

The famous school of many names

The famous school of many names

#2 911 – What’s your Emergency?

Ladies, do you remember the joys of Dr Ross on ER? Or are you more of a Dr Gates kinda gal like Martha (Nigel is not quite so fond of him as a consequence)? Whichever era of this unforgotten show your heart belongs to, there is one deep, dark secret they all have in common: County General Hospital does not actually have a helipad on its roof. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t even have a roof, because the series was filmed on sound stage 11 of the Warner Bros. lot, not an actual hospital. So what were you actual looking at during all these dramatic helicopter-landing scenes? The heart-breaking answer is: the Warner Bros. car park.

#3 Home Sweet Home

The unforgettable Waltons will always have a special place in out hearts. Who remembers the episode where John-Boy leaves home to go to college in Virginia? Mummy Walton was in tears over her son’s departure, which would cause a long-term separation. A bit of an overreaction really, Mrs Walton, seeing that ‘Boatwright University’ was just across the street from their house – how difficult could it have been catching up for a cup of coffee every once in a while? Long after the Walton family moved out of their legendary house, the building was bought by Sookie St. James and Lorelai Gilmore, who gave it a makeover before opening their beautiful ‘Dragonfly Inn’. Speaking of Sookie, she appears to have had a bit of a roommate situation going on for a couple of years, because her home was also the childhood home of two of our favourite Friends: Ross and Monica. Do you remember the one where Ross saw Rachel nearly get stood up for prom and when he had finally gathered the courage to ask her to go with him, her original date arrived? Yes, this happened right in Sookie St James’ hallway and Mom and Dad Geller still lived there while Gilmore Girls was filmed.

The house that was Sookie St James' in Girlmore Girls and Jack and Judy Gellar's in Friends

The house that was Sookie St James’ in Girlmore Girls and Jack and Judy Gellar’s in Friends

#4 Be true to your school

Incidentally, John-Boy’s ‘Boatwright University’ also appeared to house ‘Jefferson County Courthouse’, where the Waltons had to go a few times to deal with various issues that life threw their way. And it doesn’t end here. After John-Boy had graduated from Boatwrite, the building became the home of Rory Gilmore’s school ‘Stars Hollow High’ as well as Spencer’s, Hanna’s and Aria’s hangout ‘Rosewood High School’. Now if that doesn’t make your head spin enough, a basement window of this building was used for a prison break episode of Dukes of Hazzard.

The famous Mid-West Set, where Luke once server burgers and where you can now buy Lucky Leons cup cakes

The famous Mid-West Set, where Luke once server burgers and where you can now buy Lucky Leons cup cakes

What is your favourite TV series of all times and can you share any fun facts from behind the scenes?


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Martha and Nigel - BayBreezin'

Martha and Nigel - BayBreezin'

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