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5 Reasons To Visit Kerala, India

5 Reasons To Visit Kerala, India
March 25
09:46 2016

Known affectionately as “God’s own country”, visitors to Kerala often say that it is like an ‘India for beginners’. Kerala is India without the chaos but with all the charm. Located in the South West of India, Kerala province has so much to entertain tourists that it’s a wonder more people do not visit this magical region.

Come with us on a virtual tour of this tropical province and fall in love with this wonderful part of the world. Here are 5 excellent reasons to book a flight to Kerala:

1. The world’s highest tea plantations

Kerala is home to the world’s highest tea plantations, located in the hill station town of Munnar. Here you can walk through thousands of acres of tea plantations, some of which appear to be above the clouds. Tours of the tea factories can be booked and you can also do jeep safaris around the various plantations, stopping off in various tea houses and spice gardens that will bring joy to all the senses. Munnar is also an incredible destination for hikers, with adventurous souls setting off on anything from a 1 to 15 day hike across the stunning Western Ghats, one of India’s many world heritage sites.

5 Reasons To Visit Kerala, India

2. Cruising the backwaters

Kerala is famous for its’ backwaters, a system of hundreds of kilometres of intertwined rivers, lakes and canals. You can cruise down the backwaters on a houseboat, and watch as locals wash their clothes and bathe their children in the side of the river, fishermen set out in the early morning and late evening, casting their nets from traditional wooden boats while you sit back listen to all the sounds of the surrounding jungle. Nothing beats waking up on your houseboat, opening the curtains, and seeing the water rushing by as your captain has already starting steering the boat to a new destination. The sunsets here are also spectacular, as the water glimmers in the evening light and the palm trees that line the river banks stand tall, silhouetted by the setting sun.

5 Reasons To Visit Kerala, India

3. Discovering untouched tropical beaches

Kerala is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and the best thing is that nobody knows about them! From the soft sands in Kovalam down South to the long stretches of deserted white beach at and the slightly busier resort town of Varkala, there is something to kind of beach lover in every taste in Kerala. Book yourself into one of the luxurious resorts that line the coast (you’re in India so the rock bottom prices of these resorts may surprise you!), spend the morning lying in a hammock on your deserted stretch of beach while sipping a fresh coconut then sign up for s traditional ayurveda massage to rejuvenate both the body and soul, and you will have the recipe for the perfect vacation.

5 Reasons To Visit Kerala, India

4. Food lovers paradise

One thing you are sure to love about Kerala is the food. Quite different in taste and texture to the rest of India, you will discover that Keralites cook with a passion for the spices that grow locally in the region. From the delicious Dhal and freshly baked Naan and chapati breada to traditional food served up on a banana leaf and filled with local curries of varying colours, eating in Kerala can sometimes feel like an adventure in itself. Be sure to try the Malabar Biriyani, a speciality in the region!

5 Reasons To Visit Kerala, India

5. The home of the India elephant

Thanks to Kerala being home to the Indian elephant (the elephant is also the state’s national animal), you will see them wherever you go. Be it there to welcome you to a luxury resort, walking on the side of the road, adorned in colourful material and bells while carrying 4 young boys during a traditional Hindu festival or simply drinking water from a lake and wandering through the tall trees in the wild, setting your eyes on these incredible animals is reason enough to book a flight to Kerala!

5 Reasons To Visit Kerala, India

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Janet Newenham

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  1. Rebecca
    Rebecca March 25, 13:51

    I’m SOOOO ready to book the trip. DYING to go back.

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  2. tanveer
    tanveer March 26, 08:08

    kerala is a beautiful place in india. you have nicely described this place with eye catching pictures. I would love to visit kerala for it’s pristine back waters & tea plantations.

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