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6 Pack Items You Need To Take For A Beach Holiday

6 Pack Items You Need To Take For A Beach Holiday
June 27
10:35 2016

Pack Items You Need To Take For A Beach HolidaySummer travels have well and truly kicked off this year, with lots of people taking the time to relax, unwind and chill out on a well-deserved beach holiday.

There are obvious essentials that most people remember to pack when filling that suitcase… towels, sun block and sunglasses are a must for any trip but don’t forget to pack some of these common items that people tend to forget.

1. SPF Lip balm
If you’re not keen on the taste of sun block on your lips, make sure to invest in a good quality SPF lip balm that’ll protect your lips from those harmful UV rays. This is especially important if you have pale skin or tend to burn easily.

2. Waterproof phone case
It seems like we travel everywhere with our phones with the beach being no exception! Make sure to purchase a zip-lock bag that’ll protect your phone from all the splashing water and sand grains that can play havoc with your phone. If you want to photograph underwater, invest in a better quality protection that’ll keep your phone watertight for a few metres below the surface. Perfect for those tropical fish selfies!

3. Pack lots of water
If you’re visiting a relatively quiet beach don’t forget to pack adequate water supplies. The combination of heat, sunshine and lots of salt water (that you’ll no doubt accidently swallow) will dehydrate you rapidly. Make sure to constantly drink water throughout the day and not allow yourself to get thirsty.

4. Invest in some swimming t-shirts
You’ve lotion yourself to an inch of your life but sometimes that just isn’t enough to stop the dreaded burn from the sun. One easy way to ensure that you’ll protect your skin to the max is with a swimming t-shirt that’ll not only block lots of UV rays but will also keep you warm. These are particularly great if you’re swimming somewhere with lots of sunshine but cold see currents that can cause a chill.

Pack Items You Need To Take For A Beach Holiday

5. Natural Insect repellent
You won’t be surprised to hear that your trip to the beach will be shared with lots of other visitors too! Try your best to limit irritations and bites from those pesky insects with a natural insect repellant that will ward off any critter looking to make a meal out of you! If you do go for a strong, chemical based repellant, don’t forget to shower or rinse yourself – this way you will limit the exposure to seas life you might come into contact with.

6. Don’t just take cards, pack cash
This seems obvious but lots of us tend to use our cards for many payments – if this sounds like you, don’t forget to pack a small amount of cash for your trip, especially if you’re heading to a remote beach! There’s nothing worse than seeing a delicious cocktail or cooling ice cream that is just out of reach because they don’t accept plastic!

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