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7 Hacks to Make Your Business Trip Easier

7 Hacks to Make Your Business Trip Easier
January 05
08:00 2016


Whether you are taking your first business trip or have been travelling on behalf of your company for decades, making sure that you make the most of your opportunities to make it easy for yourself will help to ensure your trip is as comfortable as possible. The experienced traveller will already know plenty of tricks for ways to get the best from the journey, and also on how to make sure their expenditure fits in with their company’s expenses policy.

7 Hacks To Make Your Business Trip Easier

These seven hacks will help you take your travel techniques to the next level:

1. Order a Special Meal to Be Served First

Waiting for the dinner service is one of the longest part of any flight, as the whole airplane awaits their meal, but one trick that can allow you to get served first in many cases is to ask for a kosher or vegetarian meal, as these are served separately. This means that you can eat your food first and then relax for the rest of the flight, watching a movie or taking a nap as you make your way to your destination.

2. Perfect Your Packing Techniques so You Only Take Carry on Luggage

When you are buying your next piece of luggage look for a case that is designed to meet the carry on regulations of airlines, as having to wait for luggage once you arrive, and spending the additional time during check-in can add significantly to the journey time. Packing clothes that are lightweight and don’t crumple badly can really maximize the space in your luggage, while using packing cubes to compress your luggage can also be a good idea.

3. Choose Clothes That All Match

When you are packing for your trip, instead of planning a different outfit for every day, try to pack different items that all go well together. This means that not only will you not have to worry too much when you are getting prepared in the morning, but if one of your items does become stained or wet, then other clothes will go equally as well together. Dark shades are particularly good for this purpose.

4. Travel with the Same Airline to Progress to Frequent Traveller Status Quick

If you are in charge of booking your own flights, then one of the best ways to get the highest number of perks through frequent flyer programs is to stick with one airline, or the partners of that airline. Their frequent flyer programs will offer flight upgrades, access to traveller lounges and priority boarding, which can all make your business trip go smoothly.

7 Hacks To Make Your Business Trip Easier

5. Check What Perks Your Credit Cards Can Offer

While many people are familiar with Air Miles, or Avios as they are now known, many credit cards will have a whole host of different travel perks, and these can range from free services through to practical perks that are really useful. Some of the perks that different cards can offer include free access to wireless hotspots in airports and travel hubs through to hotel room upgrades and travel lounge access. Check what your card does for you.

6. Delete Your Browser Cookies Before Booking Transport

While the practice is most common for booking flights, all kind of transport booking systems offer prices that are based on your browsing history, so it is worth clearing your cookies, or checking the website on another browser which you haven’t used to access the website before. This can often leave you much better off, as these sites will not be able to see that you are returning to book a flight that you have already shown an interest in, and adjust the price accordingly.

7. Storing Your Cables

If you are taking laptop computers, cell phones or tablet PCs with you then the tangle of cables in a pocket of your bag can be a muddle to untangle. While you are packing, wrap these in a loop and place them in a spectacle case, and these will keep them safe and tangle-free, ready to be used when you are getting ready for that big presentation.

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