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7 Ways To Make The Most of Your Travel Experiences

7 Ways To Make The Most of Your Travel Experiences
June 30
09:53 2016

Right, so you’ve booked your travel and you’re looking forward to exploring another part of the world you’ve never visited before… or perhaps you’re just looking forward to relaxing on the beach with a good book. Whatever the reason you’re travelling for, there are 7 sure-fire ways to make sure you maximize your time away travelling and come back home, not just full of brilliant travel memories but re-invigorated and excited to plan your very next trip away!

Here goes…

Ways To Make The Most of Your Travel Experiences1. Throw any pre-conceived notions out of the window. Pre-conceived ideas about what a place should or can be like is pretty much guaranteed to end up in disappointment as you should be leaning into what a travel destination truly is, instead of trying to make it into what your idea of it should be.

2. Realise that things are sometimes just different. Not good, not bad, just different. That spicy meal you don’t like isn’t bad just because it’s not your favourite, it’s just different.

Seems like a small thing but this subtle change can lead to having more positive experience and memories of a place as you appreciate it for what it truly is instead of trying to (wrongly) categorise it.


3. Pay attention to local laws and customs, remember you’re a visitor here. It would be awful if someone came into your home and started doing things you would find unacceptable so its best not to do the same thing to someone else.

4. Try to sample the local cuisine. You might not like it (in which case, at least you tried – which can make for a great story in the future) or you might actually like it, which means you’ve found a new meal to add to your faves and that’s always a good thing.

Ways To Make The Most of Your Travel Experiences5. Try (as long as its safe) to see some things off the usual tourist-track. Now, while here’s absolutely nothing wrong with seeing the popular tourist attractions, some of the best sights to see are the ones that no one talks about in the guidebooks.

6. Dress comfortably. It’s possible to look great and dress comfortable but if it isn’t possible to have both, comfort always trumps style when you’re travelling. There’s no point having memories of being miserable on your entire holiday because of how uncomfortable you were the entire time.

7. Try to do some sightseeing on foot. Granted, it’s sometime easier to just get around but car/train but the best way to soak up the sights wherever you are is to wander around on foot. You get to see things at your own pace this way and get a rather different perspective that you would if you saw the same sights through the window of a zooming car.

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