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7 Best Quirky Theme Cafes to Visit in Seoul, South Korea

7 Best Quirky Theme Cafes to Visit in Seoul, South Korea
May 24
08:00 2016

Seoul, one of the most wired cities in the world and famous for its hopping nightlife and world class shopping, is a city that should be on every traveller’s bucket list. While we could write about the food, the smells, the temples and the incredibly welcoming Korean people all day, we have decided to pick something a little more unique for this particular post.

Seoul also happens to be home to some of seriously quirky theme cafes. So many, in fact, that you could visit a different cafe every day of the week for a month and still not be bored! Before you book your flights to Seoul, check out these wild and wonderful cafes that we have fallen in love with:

1. Hello Kitty

While Hello Kitty may be more popular in Japan than in South Korea, there is still a huge demand for the pink cat in Seoul. The Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae is newly built, replacing a much smaller cafe that has been around for years. With a Hello Kitty street, gift shop, cafe and a whole range of perfectly decorated Hello Kitty cafes, this cage is pink overload and a super fun place to chill out for a few hours after a busy day shopping in Seoul!

7 Best Quirky Theme Cafes in Visit in Seoul, South Korea

2. Hongdae Sheep Cafe

Forget the dog cafes and the cat cafes that you will find all over Asia, if you’re truly looking for a quirky theme cafe, Hongdae Sheep Cafe is a must. It’s situated bang in the middle of Hongdae, the happening and hip nightlife district of Seoul, and you can buy a cup of hot, dutch coffee served in an old jam jar, scoff down a delicious waffle, and if you feel like it, spend time with the two sheep who also spend their days at the cafe!

3. Air Travel Cafe

This little gem of a cafe puts the sometimes loved but mostly hated airplane food onto your plate, or in this case plastic tray, without you ever having to leave the ground. That is correct…this is a place where people voluntarily go to eat plane food!! There are also lots of great travel books and magazines to read so it’s a great spot if you are in the process of planning a trip abroad.

7 Best Quirky Theme Cafes in Visit in Seoul, South Korea

4. Something Out Camping Cafe

Why bother getting all cold and wet on a camping trip when you can just head to this unique cafe in Seoul and pretend you are camping while staying in the warmth and a cool little cafe?! Walking distance from Hongdae station, the best thing about Something Out is that the decor changes with the season so you can return again and again and never see the same interior. If the sun is shining, try and get a seat on one of the camping chairs outside the store and spend the afternoon people watching!

5. Cat and Comic Cafe

As if a cat cafe, where you can sit around playing with fur balls all day wasn’t good enough, the ingenious owner of this unique cafe decided to blend cats and comics to create a cafe where one could easily waste many hours of their week. With thousands of comic books to choose from as well as jigsaw puzzles and games, the Cat and Comic cafe is surely one of a kind.

7 Best Quirky Theme Cafes in Visit in Seoul, South Korea

6. Sang Sang Puppy Cafe

While doc cafes have been around in Korea for many years, the opening of a puppy cafe has brought new levels of cuteness to this lively city. This cafe is home to over 12 adorable puppies, all of which are up for adoption should you be so inclined. All you need to do is purchase one drink, and you can stick around all day to play with the puppies who are most likely the most-adored canines in the world.

7 Best Quirky Theme Cafes in Visit in Seoul, South Korea

7. Princess Diary Cafe

Princess Diary Cafe is pretty much a dress-up cafe where, depending on how much money you would like to spend (between £10 – £30 depending on which dress you choose), you can chill out in very cute booths with a group of your girlfriends, sip on delicious smoothies and ice-teas…and try on a wide variety of “princess” dresses! While most of the dresses are long, flowing, white wedding gowns, there are also some traditional Korean Hanboks and also some very cheesy and over-the-top party dresses that you might want to steer clear of. A fun day out for sure.

7 Best Quirky Theme Cafes in Visit in Seoul, South Korea

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