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How to Treat Sunburn

How to Treat Sunburn
October 31
14:44 2014

If your kids are in the habit of staying in the sun too long on holiday you might want to know how to treat sunburn, which Bravofly reviews this week.

On Holiday, There’s a Good Chance Your Kids Will Get Sunburn at Some Point

Whether you’re jetting off for a summer jaunt down to the Balearics or taking a break from Blighty to catch a little winter sun in Cape Town of Sydney, there’s nothing like spending the week basking in the heat of an exotic foreign destination.

Yet if you’re jetting off for hotter climates with your family in tow there’s one thing you need to know. How to treat sunburn. Kids don’t often tend to care that going out in the sun too long can cause their skin to burn. This means that as a parent you’ll more than likely be left dealing with a wicked case of sunburn at some point or another.

Try These Tips to Treat Sunburn

You shouldn’t let it get your children down and ruin their holiday though. Take the following steps to treat sunburn, depending on how bad it is…

  • Weak Sunburn: If you’re lucky and you’ve caught your kids before they’ve burned their skin too much, then you could probably ease their pain with water. It puts much needed moisture back into their skin and reduces any light symptoms.


  • Mild Sunburn: If water isn’t enough, and the sunburn is more mild, then why not try a moisturiser? They’re packed full of aloe vera, which is known to soothe sore skin and make it less itchy, which is a common symptom of sunburn.


  • Strong Sunburn: When the sunburn’s a little stronger you need to go for a specialised moisturiser to make your kids feel better. That’s why there’s such a thing as aftersun, which you can get at your local chemist. Specially made to fight the symptoms of strong sun burn, it should have your kids feeling better in no time at all!


  • Really Strong Sunburn: If they’ve got a really bad case of sunburn you might have no choice but to use painkillers to make them feel better. Always follow the instructions on the packet, which will tell you how many painkillers you can give a child and how often. Also remember that aspirin should not be given to a child under 16.

Get Preventative and Use Sun Cream!

Aside from this, at Bravofly we’d say that the best way you can fight sunburn is to get preventative. We know that kids are hard to wrangle when they’re itching to get out into the foreign sun, but do your best and put sun cream on them beforehand. That way, you can ensure they don’t get sunburnt in the first place!

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