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Top Five Tips for Keeping Your Kid Busy on a Long Haul Flight

Top Five Tips for Keeping Your Kid Busy on a Long Haul Flight
April 10
15:00 2015

Even the best behaved of kids can turn into a nightmare on a long haul flight, and if you want to keep them calm and occupied, try one of these top five tips from Bravofly.

Kids Simply Weren’t Built For Staying Still That Long

Sometimes – as anyone with experience will agree – being a parent is like preparing to head into the battlefield. You need to be prepared ahead of time for the stresses that bringing a child into this world can bring.

One of these stresses is undoubtedly long haul travel. Even if you’re whisking them off for the trip of a lifetime to Disney World, you still won’t have enough brownie points with them to keep them calm and cool on a seven hour flight to Orlando; kids simply weren’t built for staying still that long!

Bravofly’s Top Five

This doesn’t mean there’s no hope of keeping your kids calm and occupied on a long haul flight. It’s all about knowing how to keep them busy. Good thing you stumbled onto these top five tips to keep your kids busy on a long haul flight from Bravofly then isn’t it? So without further ado…

1)      Bring an Activity: If a child has to divert their focus to a specific task, they’ll forget everything else. Why not try giving them a colouring book or a games console. You won’t hear from them for hours.


2)      Bribe Them: Kids are notoriously shameless and will quite happily stay calm for a treat that they can anticipate, thus keeping their mind busy. Even gradually doling out a bag of sweets will do.


3)      Get Lost in the Story: You may not have much to choose from, but there will be a movie showing that you can get your kid hooked on. Watch it with them and big it up, and all of a sudden, your kid is lost in another world altogether. If their choice of movies really does suck, try bringing a portable DVD player or even a children’s book that you can read with them.


4)      Homework: This is more of a deterrent. Want to make sure your kid finds a way to occupy themselves on a long haul flight; threaten to make them do their homework!


5)      A Family Activity: Why not get the whole family involved – you, your partner, the children, any other relatives travelling with you etc. and play a good old fashioned card game. All of a sudden, your biggest concern isn’t a restless kid, but whether they have that illusive three of spades you need to win a game of Go Fish!

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