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Creamfields Festival – Tips For Staying Happy And Safe While Camping

Creamfields Festival – Tips For Staying Happy And Safe While Camping
August 28
09:00 2015


Creamfields is often known as THE dance music festival in the UK. Taking place on the weekend between the 28th and 30th of August this year, you can look forward to acts from Avicii, the Chemical Brothers, and Knife Party, amongst many, many more. However, it can become a bit of a scrummage in the camping area, so here’s how you can survive that madness…


Pack Light

The drop off point is a surprisingly long distance away from the campsite, so be sure that you can easily carry all of your belongings. With a really good walking rucksack, you can fit a lot of equipment fairly comfortably on your back. It’s definitely worth investing in one.


Leave your water bottles empty, until you get to the campsite, to avoid extra weight. There are many water bottle filling stations throughout the festival site, so you should be able to stay hydrated throughout the weekend for absolutely free. You can buy water on-site, but why dip into your beer money for that?

Bin Bags

Bin bags are amazingly versatile; you can, of course, use them for your rubbish, but they also create blankets to sit on (when the ground is wet), and they can even be made into a poncho to protect you from the rain.

No Glass

This is pretty universal for most festivals: glass is banned. That means that some of your favourite alcohol will be confiscated, unless you transfer it over to plastic bottles before you enter the grounds. May not be the classiest thing of all time, but it does mean that you will save money on buying alcohol at the festival.

Air Bed And Inflatables

If you can carry it, take an air bed and maybe even an inflatable sofa. These small comforts will make a world of difference, and you will make lots of friends purely by having your own inflatable sofa. Everyone gets sick of sitting on the floor after a while!

Go North And Position Your Tent

If it rains, usually the north side of the campsite stays pretty dry, so if you turn up early, it’s worth trying to get a spot in this section. If you’re going with friends, position your tents facing each other, in a bid to dissuade theft.


Cereal bars are great for a quick snack, in a pinch, so keep a few packets of them with you, should you get hungry. In terms of other essentials, you’re going to need a lot of loo roll and some wet wipes. Trust us here; you will wish you’d brought them, if you forget.


Always bring multiple changes of clothing for the days that you will be at the festival. It’s likely that you are going to get wet, sweaty, and muddy. Pack light things for emergency shirt changes. Being soaked through and cold at a festival isn’t good for your health. Keep yourself happy and comfortable!

Have fun at Creamfields and stay safe!

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