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A Few Essentials You Need to Survive a Long Haul Flight

A Few Essentials You Need to Survive a Long Haul Flight
October 24
15:44 2014

The economic recovery means that you can finally afford to take trips to far flung exotic destinations that during the recession you could only dream about. However before you get there, you have to go through a long haul flight. That’s why this week Bravofly is letting you know which essentials are must haves in any effort to survive a marathon trip through the clouds.

Long haul flights are a burden at the best of times. No matter the quality of the service provided, or how comfortable the cabin crew tries to make everybody, it’s hardly a pleasant experience and you walk away with a serious case of jet lag. That’s why you need these essentials just to make it through…


Whether it is a book, a game, an IPad, MP3 Player etc. you need entertainment to survive a long haul flight. Basically, if you don’t have something to occupy your mind, eventually the tedious hours ticking by will get to you. Or you’ll have to chat to the person next to you and that gets old, fast.

A Head Pillow

The best method you can use to while away the hours is to sleep through them. The thing is that plane seats aren’t exactly made to provide the same comfort as a bed, and if you try to rest your head on one for too long, you’ll be sorry. A head pillow provides the comfort and support you need to drift into the land of nod.

A Snack

Plane food isn’t to everyone’s taste and you’re going to need some sustenance to give you the energy to see the flight through and reach your destination. That’s why you should bring a snack. We’d suggest hard boiled sweets as sucking on them can help stop your ears popping during takeoff.

A Bit of Cash

A long haul flight is so much more enjoyable when you can take advantage of the sky bar or indulge in a little mile high shopping. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have some cash to hand. You never know what might be for sale and you don’t want to miss out!

Comfortable Clothing

A flight isn’t a fashion show and if you go long haul in the latest designer clobber, it’ll get pretty uncomfortable, pretty quickly. Invest in comfortable shoes, jeans, t-shirts etc. so that you can ride out your trip without having to contend with the sartorial issues haute couture on a long haul flight can cause.

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