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Experience Greek Charm In Picturesque Santorini

Experience Greek Charm In Picturesque Santorini
June 16
08:00 2015

Nestled in the southeastern part of the Aegean Sea, Santorini has to be one of our favourite Greek Islands and not just because its restaurants have mountains of Moussaka to eat! The Island is bursting with some of the most picturesque towns, unique landscape and Greek charm that will leave you wanting more! We recently visited Santorini to discover what all the hype was about… and we weren’t disappointed!


Sail the volcano!
Santorini is one of the most distinct Greek Islands, with its almost horse-shoe shape that was carved many years ago after an enormous volcanic eruption split this single island initially into three separate parts… but don’t fret, this volcano is now unlikely to erupt for a very very long time! One of the best ways to explore the volcanic history of the island, while taking in a stunningly beautiful view, is to take one of the established catamaran or sailing boat tours around the island. Don’t forget to pack your swimming trunks as there as some pretty epic geo-thermal pools you can use on the way and, depending on the boat trip you take, you can also go snorkelling here!


Bathe in an beautiful sunset!
One of the things we liked most about Santorini was its towns, with two of the most famous being: Fira and Oia, which are both situated on the very edge of the cliffs of the island. These white-washed, traditionally greek towns are famed for their views, pottery and of course their food! Who can resist eating the finest home made honey ice-cream, perched high above the cliffs watching the sun go down? Total bliss! One of the best places to watch the sunset is from Oia where, during dusk, the towns white washed houses are bathed in the most awesome orange glow. It’s a sight to check off any bucket-list!


A foodies paradise…
If, like us, you love to explore the local cuisine, why not try some kolokythokeftedes… don’t worry too much if you cant pronounce this, it more or less translates to “courgette balls”, which look and taste delicious! These lightly fried balls of pureed courgette, dill and mint will make your mouth water for more. If you’re more into the sweeter things in life, why not try some honey & baklava for a typical mediterranean treat? Yum!


Getting There…
While Santorini is often thought of as one of the most expensive of the Greek Islands, nowadays you can get here through one of the many direct flights that go from the UK every day and with more airlines flying here, prices are competitive! It’s a short 3-4 hour flight from most places in Europe, making Santorini one of those idyllic destinations that’s within easy reach for a long weekend or a longer holiday. So what’s stopping you? That Moussaka will certainly not eat itself! :-)

By Lloyd & Yaya, Hand Luggage Only


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    Smudge July 21, 12:56

    16th June 2015…. the day i proposed in Oia, as the sunset!! Beautiful island….

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