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7 Experiences you need to have in Marrakesh, Morocco

7 Experiences you need to have in Marrakesh, Morocco
September 22
08:00 2015

Marrakesh is a city for the senses! Every aspect of it is set to trigger off and excite at least one of your senses and leave you fully entranced by its raw beauty and appeal. It’s a heady mixture of what can only be described as ‘organised chaos’ and it is this which has seen it rapidly rise up amongst the most attractive places to visit and one of the best for travel photographers. This then begs the anticipated question – what should you get up to when you visit Marrakesh?

Well here are some essential experiences you must have in Marrakesh:

1. Visit the souks

The sheer sight alone is more than enough reason to visit but you should definitely get stuck in and buy a few souvenirs to take back home. A rule of thumb is to expect to haggle and if you get about 2/3rd off the initial price, you’re probably doing okay. (I imagine if you’re persistent, you can get more but you’ll only be saving yourself pennies at this stage so it’s probably fine to stop at 2/3rd of the price off).

souks marrakech

2. Eat a tagine meal

Vegetarians should opt for the vegetable tagines of course but non-veggies should try a lamb tagine with cous cous – done right, this is absolutely amazing!

3. Visit the Atlas Mountains

This is technically not an activity to be done in Marrakesh but is one that you can (and should) book when you’re in Marrakesh. Most tours will take you around the countryside and show you so much more than the mountains itself, which makes it one of the more unique experiences you’ll have in Morocco.

Marrakesh, Morocco

4. Visit a Berber village

This is again outside of Marrakesh but as with the Atlas mountains, you can get here by booking a tour from Marrakesh and you’ll get to immerse yourself in real Moroccan life.

5. Try the mint tea

They’re so sugary but oh so good. You can of course ask for less sugar but unless you have serious issues with sugar, I recommend having it just as the Moroccans would do. You’re here to fully experience Morocco after all!

Marrakesh, Morocco

6. Visit the tanneries

This is a huge industry in Marrakesh as much for the end product (the leather) as it is for tourism. The tanneries stink though (I’ll save the reason for why they stink for you to discover when you visit) but you should definitely spend some time here.

7. Visiting one of Marrakesh’s palaces

The palaces are a fun way to spend an afternoon in Marrakesh (as long as you can find them in the almost labyrinthine souks) and a great way to find out more about Marrakesh’s rich history.

Marrakesh, Morocco-002

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