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Why You Should Stop Worrying and Learn to Love Colombia

Why You Should Stop Worrying and Learn to Love Colombia
June 16
08:00 2016

Okay, so you’ve just finished a weekend of being on Narcos, the latest hit series from Netflix, which covers Pablo Escobar and his drug empire that turned Colombia into a warzone. It would probably be fair to say that Colombia is not at the top of your travel bucket list right now.

But it should be! It really should. Not only is Colombia an amazingly beautiful part of the world, but it is almost incredibly cheap. The locals are very friendly towards tourists, and the leadership of the nation has done a remarkable job of cleaning up the political mess that Escobar left behind. It is, for the most part, very safe and very welcoming.

Why You Should Stop Worrying and Learn to Love Colombia

That’s not enough for you? Fine. Allow us to explain a little more as to why you should visit lovely Colombia:

For the People

Colombians are a wonderful people, full of passion about seemingly everything. Perhaps due to the fact that there was no tourism in Colombia for a long time, Colombian people seem genuinely happy to see a tourist discovering their nation for the first time, and will go out of their way to say hello, ask how you’re enjoying the place, or simply offer directions if you’re looking confused. If you want to see real Colombian passion, go and see a fútbol match and sit in the stands, listening to the drums and the chants.

For the New Experiences

Thanks in part to the media, many people still incorrectly think of Colombia as being an unsafe place to visit. This means that there are many fewer tourists than in other parts of South America – perfect for those of us who are a) well-informed and b) lovers of travelling with fewer travellers! It really does seem like you’re discovering a new land, as an intrepid explorer. It’s cheap, it’s not filled with ignorant gringos who point and speak loudly in English (like that ever worked anywhere), and there are plenty of “off the beaten track” places for you to uncover. It’s incredible.

For the Food

Colombian cuisine is – for the most part, at least – nothing much to write home about. Yes, it is incredibly tasty, incredibly filling, and incredibly cheap, but pretty much everything is deep fried, something that’s not exactly great on the old ticker! Make sure to try the street food, particularly the empanadas and the buñuelos, but the rest isn’t too amazing.

Why You Should Stop Worrying and Learn to Love Colombia

HOWEVER. This is a big “however”, as well. However, you should definitely go out of your way to try all the fruits you can. There are so many available to you at super cheap prices in Colombia, and many of them you will probably have never heard of before! Off the top of our heads, we can think of Borojó, the “National Viagra”; Curuba, the banana passionfruit; Guanábana, which tastes like candy in fruit form; the Tomate de Árbol, or tree tomato, which makes a great jam; and the Lulo, a strange citrus fruit. There are so many!

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