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Making a hit on a plane? Sidonie Can!

Making a hit on a plane? Sidonie Can!
April 16
13:08 2015

Sidonie, a well known band from Catalonia, created a rather tongue-in-cheek song during a recent Ryanair flight to Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Since being posted on March 27, the video on Facebook has been viewed more than 575,000 times, receiving almost 12,500 “likes” and 4,000 shares!

In the video, the band’s lead singer strums a ukulele as the group serenades passengers on board, some of them even began to sing along with the lyrics.

We wanted to know more about this bizarre band and so we decided to interview Marc Ros, singer and guitarist. Here are our questions about travel, music and much more.

Marc, do you love travelling?

“I travel all the time. It’s not a matter of liking it or not, it’s like breathing. If I stop, I die. I travel because my job means traveling. I travel because most of my relationships have been distance relationships (I wonder why). That’s why I always moved a lot. I travel because I love reading and when a story takes place in northern Africa, for instance, I need to go there a.s.a.p.

If you were to suggest one destination in the world to go to, where would it be?

Right now, San Francisco. I will go there soon and I just can’t wait. I want to see the city that enchanted Alfred Hitchcock, where psychedelic rock was born… I also want to see the vineyards!

How would you review Santiago de Compostela as a destination?

We’ve played many times in Galicia. Santiago, a must go destination, is a regular stop on Sidonie’s tours. Santiago is also one of the most beautiful cities I’ve known. The streets surrounding the Cathedral are magical. The food is delicious and the women are beautiful.

Have you ever done “El Camino de Santiago?

Everytime we go to Santiago, after the concert we go out with friends. It’s hard to wake up early and go out for a long walk the next day… But I’d like to do it at some point.

Where was your last trip?

Not so far from where I live: Cadaqués (Girona), to spend the weekend at the beach. It’s 1 hour and 45 minutes away from my house and it’s paradise.

Who is your best travel companion?

Myself. If you are not okay with yourself, the trip could be a disaster. This is very important.

How long has your band been going for?

Since 1998.

Do you often travel together? 

Everytime we have a couple of weeks off and each one goes his own way. A few days after, we realize we miss each other so we change plans and end up going together.

Where is your next concert going to be?


How do you use the music to accompany your trips (when not singing on the planes like that)?

You need to have a fine musical selection before yo leave home. If you really enjoy the trip, the music you choose will be the soundtrack of those unforgettable days. I can perfectly recall listening to Sinatra when I arrived in Manhattan for the first time.

Have you ever used Bravofly to book a flight or a hotel? If yes, where did you go?

I don’t remember… I think I used it once to go to Marseille.


If you want to listen to the hit born on a Ryanair airplane click here.

Or if you want to join Sidonie’s next concert in Toledo, book your cheap flight here.

Picture taken by Albert Manau.

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