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The Greatest Places on the Planet to Get Your Hipster On

The Greatest Places on the Planet to Get Your Hipster On
February 24
08:00 2016

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a hipster – you know, you liked that band (or bar, or coffee shop, or film, or whatever) before it was “cool” – then there are some neighbourhoods that you’ll appreciate more than others.
In the areas we have listed below, you’ll be able to find everything to satisfy your hipster urges, from micro-brewed beers and artisanal cupcakes to home-grown meals and kale moustache wax. (Okay, we might have made that last one up…)

Silver Lake in Los Angeles

Silver Lake is basically LA’s answer to Shoreditch – which, as we all know, was the OG hipster neighbourhood. If you are looking for a place where all the cool cats hang out in front of walls featuring impressive graffiti murals, Silver Lake is your jam.
Get yourself down to the Forage café for a unique experience – you can bring in your home-grown vegetables and trade them for home-cooked meals. The grass-fed beef burgers are particularly impressive.

The Greatest Places on the Planet to Get Your Hipster On

Kreuzkölln in Berlin

Up until very recently, Prenzlauer Berg was the place to be in Berlin, for hipsters from Germany and beyond. However, things are changing – as they always do in hipsterdom – and nowadays you’ll want to be seen at Kreuzkölln, where Neukölln and Kreuzberg meet.
Just take a walk along the street and you’ll see why it’s so beloved. You’ve got everything from fashion boutiques and vegan cafés to paleo restaurants and poetry bars. Head to Sing Blackbird if you want it all in one place – browse the vintage clothes before dining on a freshly made vegan meal.

The Greatest Places on the Planet to Get Your Hipster On

Rue Amelot in Paris

Paris is like the ultimate hipster city – except maybe Berlin, that is. And within Paris, the ultimate hipster area would have to be Rue Amelot and its surrounding areas of the 10th arrondissement. Wander along the canal for a bit of tranquillity, then take in some of the many mini galleries that are dotted around the place. The best of the bunch is probably Le Comptoir Général, a strange little “ghetto museum” that hosts some fantastic events.

Williamsburg in New York

You’ll have heard of Williamsburg. If you haven’t, then we’re afraid you’re not quite hipster enough to be reading this article, so ciao. (Just kidding.) (Maybe.)
The best place here? That would have to be the Huckleberry Bar. Here, you can quaff an artisanal cocktail or two while nibbling on some amazing small-plate dishes. You can’t leave until you’ve sampled the bacon-wrapped dates; it’s practically a law.

The Greatest Places on the Planet to Get Your Hipster On

Haga in Gothenburg

Haga is the most historical district in this amazing city, but it also happens to be the most up and coming at the same time. Home design boutiques, trendy fashion shops, arty outdoor cafés… this district has it all.
Start your day off at Bar Centro, where you can enjoy some of the best java in the city, before grabbing lunch at Saluhallen, a food hall containing more than forty different stalls. If you’re after a more substantial meal, Restaurant Gabriel should be up your street – chow down on the fish chowder.

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