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7 Reasons You Need to Visit the Dordogne Valley in France

7 Reasons You Need to Visit the Dordogne Valley in France
June 10
08:00 2016

The Dordogne Valley in France is one of those places you never really think of visiting. Paris calls itself out to you, Nice and the South of France is constantly inviting you over and even Calais offer you low priced amazing French wine selections that leave you enthralled (especially as it’s just an hour or so away from London) but if you’ve ever wanted to visit a place in France that is the idea of France as you’ve seen it in the movies and on TV, it’s the Dordogne Valley.

Reasons You Need To Visit The Dordogne Valley In France

I’m going to hold my hands up here and admit a major fault on my part. In all my years of travelling, I’ve been to places across the world that I’ve never heard about before visiting (e.g. Nimes in the South of France which is an absolute gem) but places like Bergerac and Brives are places I’d seen but never quite considered visiting (there was a TV series in the UK about an investigator called Bergerac and I always, wrongly, associated the region with the TV series). All this aside, we recently got to visit the Dordogne valley and we absolutely fell in love with it! Even further than that, we can pretty much guarantee that you will fall in love with it too! Why?

Well, there’s a whole host of reasons – let’s start with…

1.) There are so many Michelin star restaurants in the region! Much more than you’d think and they’re also affordable so you can afford to go away for an indulgent weekend (or even a week, like we did) and never run short of amazing restaurants to try out.

Reasons You Need To Visit The Dordogne Valley In France

2.) You can stay in a proper French chateau! How many opportunities do you get to stay in buildings that are centuries old and an integral part of the history of the country you’re visiting. Even if you don’t care about any of that stuff, you’re still bound to find yourself irrevocably impressed when you end up in a chateau set atop a mountaintop with one of the best views in the world (and here’s a little aside, quite a number of these chateaus also have Michelin star restaurants in them so it’s the ideal place for a lovely weekend getaway).

Reasons You Need To Visit The Dordogne Valley In France

3.) These guys know a thing or two about truffles! Never been much of a mushroom fan, or a fan of anything in the mushroom family, but truffles are definitely one to make an exception for!

4.) The countryside is absolutely gorgeous. Like seriously, you could just get in your car and go for a drive and never find a shortage of amazing scenery to blow your breath away!

Reasons You Need To Visit The Dordogne Valley In France

5.) The people are lovely here! Thanks to global cities like Paris, French people rightly or wrongly (depending on your experience) get a reputation for being snooty (though one could argue the same about other global cities like London, New York and Hong Kong) but this could not be any wronger (*is that even a word) when you step into the Dordogne Valley! Life here is a lot more laid back and people here are so willing to offer you a smile, a chat, some directions and even a cup of coffee while you take in the amazing view on offer.

Reasons You Need To Visit The Dordogne Valley In France6.) The wine here is on point! It’s no surprise seeing as this is right next door to Bordeaux but seeing as the Dordogne Valley doesn’t have the exact same reputation as Bordeaux does for wine (quite frankly though, there are very few places in the world that actually do).

The wine makers here (who you can get to meet in person), go the extra mile to make sure you get some world class wine as the wine here isn’t sold by reputation but instead by quality!

7.) Some of the prettiest villages in France are here!

In fact, some of these villages could easily rank as some of the prettiest villages in the world! (Ever fallen in love with a rustic countryside idea of what France is? Well, in the Dordogne Valley, you’ll truly get to experience that first hand!)

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