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The Best Escape Games in London

The Best Escape Games in London
November 04
08:00 2015

Escape games (also known as puzzle rooms) are very much the “in” thing at the moment, and they seem to be springing up all over the place. And we say, why not? They’re a lot of fun, that’s for sure. You get a group of your closest friends together, and you use your brains and work with each other to puzzle your way out of a locked room within a strict time limit.

If you’re old enough to remember The Crystal Maze, it’s a bit like a miniature version of that, except you get to be in on the action yourself! They sound like a bizarre way to spend an hour or so, and well… they are. But they’re great fun! And to help you experience the most fun, here are some of the capital’s best escape offerings:

HintHunt, Euston

London’s original, this escape room has a gripping story that will have you really pumped to solve all the puzzles and get out in time. You’ll have to figure out who murdered the poor victim and put him behind bars before you’re let out.
The puzzles are truly fiendish, so you can guarantee you’ll be scratching your heads quite a lot with this one! It’s pulse-pounding, exciting fun.

HintHunt, Euston

Escape Rooms, London Bridge

What this place lacks in naming originality, it more than makes up for in variety of games. There are two different games to choose from here, each of which offers a uniquely themed take on Escape. Firstly, there’s the rather creepy one taking place inside the cursed burial chamber of an Ancient Egyptian pharaoh, but we feel the more exciting one is (perhaps incongruously) the British Museum room.
In this puzzle, you are tasked with stealing a priceless porcelain vase. Once you’ve worked out the tricky opening tasks and found the secret compartments and opened the locked doors, you’ll have to choose your most agile team member to work their way through the room of laser trip beams, Mission Impossible style. It’s truly nerve-wracking stuff.

Time Run, South Hackney

You don’t have much time to experience Time Run (if you’ll excuse the pun) as it’s only running until the end of December, but it’s well worth trying to get to. Scientist Luna Fox has been playing around with time; she’s messed up the timeline and she needs your help.
With a great storyline and some fantastic teamwork puzzles, Time Run is a perfect example of the ingenuity of a good escape room.

Time Run, South Hackney

Escape Land, Bethnal Green

Though this one is without much of a storyline, but its strength lies in its puzzles (which, if you think about it, is surely what you want). Your hour here will really zip by, with new clues and riddles coming at you thick and fast.
In fact, there’s so many of them that we had to split our team into two smaller groups, more efficiently out-smarting the Illuminati (who pose the threat, naturally). This means that you don’t get to put all your minds to work on each problem, but you do get more opportunities to solve a puzzle yourself, which is definitely a good thing.

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