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The Five Advantages of First Class Travel

The Five Advantages of First Class Travel
December 12
16:21 2014

Even when you’re taking to the skies for a business trip, first class is a luxury that you aren’t always afforded. However when you do get the opportunity to take advantage of this premium service, it holds many benefits that the productive business professional can take advantage of. Here are the five advantages of first class travel to the professional set.

The disadvantages rely on cost – first class, by its very nature, takes more away from the company bottom line than economy class does. However at Bravofly we would argue that first class travel adds more than it takes away from your business model:

1)      Quiet Time: The major advantage of first class travel is peace and quiet. Many productive business professionals use this valuable time to prepare for the minute they step off the plane and into the board room. First class has less noise so you can concentrate on perfecting your presentation and making sure your meeting is a success!

2)      Space to Spread Out: Economy class can be somewhat cramped and this is a distraction that you don’t need when you should be concentrating on ensuring that you prepare for your pivotal meeting. Space to spread out allows you to arrange your work in the way that will be most productive for you.

3)      Level of Service: Quite simply, the level of service offered in first class is superior to that offered in economy class. That is a pivotal reason why it has more of an impact on your bank balance. Superior service allows you to relax and get into the zone – it maximises efficiency because it puts you in the right frame of mind.

4)      A Relaxing Environment: Sometimes in order to make sure that you are at the top of your game when you touch down, you need to rest, and that is hard to do in economy with no blanket or pillow. You still get them in first class though. That should be reason enough to make the upgrade!

5)      Top Notch Cuisine: You should always remember, you are what you eat. The level of quality of your food can have a physical effect on your intelligence, endurance and business acumen. That is why first class is best prepared to ready you for that huge meeting – you are often provided with gourmet cuisine!

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