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The German Beer Festival: Oktoberfest, Everything You Need to Know

The German Beer Festival: Oktoberfest, Everything You Need to Know
September 25
09:25 2015

Oktoberfest is a world-renowned event, the most popular festival in Germany, and one of the most important at a global level. Some countries like Brazil, Argentina or Chile are beginning to imitate this festival, which has been celebrated in Munich since 1810. The main attraction of this celebration is its 13 elaborate beer tents (plus the Weinzeltfor wine-lovers). Usually it lasts between 16 and 18 days, and every year millions of guests from all around the world arrive to the city to enjoy this particular festivity.


City of Munich

Origin of Oktoberfest

This festival was born with the marriage between Prince Ludwig I of Bavaria and Theresa of Savoy and Hildburghausen, in 1810. Due to the success of the celebration, it has continued gaining popularity until it turned into the prestigious event that it iis today. Since its creation it has only been cancelled in periods of war or political instability, which has only taken place 24 times in more than 200 years.

The Festival

Between six and seven million guests gather every year in an open space known as Theresienwiese, literally the Theresa’s meadow, where the famous Festhalle bunch together, representing Munich’s historic beer houses, serving rivers of beer night and day.
The Oktoberfest officially begins when, after the arrival of the Wiesnwirte (the brewery owners) with horses charged with beer barrels, the mayor of the city opens the first barrel and the traditional costume parade takes place. Then comes the moment to immerse yourself in litres and litres of beer, tons of delicious food and lots of fun that flood throughout the tents. At Oktoberfest there are also fairground amusements, stages for several shows, from polka to commercial music, and an impressive festive mood capable of catching the eye of all kinds of guests.

This year, Oktoberfest will be celebrated from September 19th to October 4th.

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