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The Most Terrifying Airports to Travel Through in the World

The Most Terrifying Airports to Travel Through in the World
January 15
08:00 2016


There are some people who are naturally afraid of flying, but with so many amazing sights to see around the world then not overcoming those fears can lead to people missing out on some wonderful experiences. However, there are also several airports around the world that are just plain terrifying for those flying in and out of them, whether they are experienced air passengers or on their first flight, while also providing some interesting challenges for the pilots too.

Here are some airports that will give you an extra reason to grab hold of those armrests during landing and take-off:

Princess Juliana Airport, Saint Martin

This famous airport has appeared in many pictures that circulate regularly on social media, as the end of the runway is just yards away from a golden beach that would be idyllic if it wasn’t for the large airplanes that are landing and taking off over the beach. However, there are plenty of people who gather on the beach to enjoy the sun, sea, sand and the close up views of large jets overhead, but for someone coming in to land, seeing people reaching up from just yards beneath the aircraft is definitely disturbing.

The Most Terrifying Airports To Travel Through In The World


Toncontin Airport, Honduras

In the mountainous city of Tegucigalpa, this airport has a nice long landing strip, but due to the steep slopes of the nearby mountains the pilot has to bank around a forty five degree turn shortly before touching down. Over the years there have been a few accidents at the airport, but on the whole the highly skilled pilots who regularly fly into the airport have helped to keep it a scenic and interesting descent that is actually quite safe.

The Most Terrifying Airports To Travel Through In The World

Funchal Airport, Madeira

Officially known as Madeira Airport, this is on the coast near the city of Funchal, and is the main international hub for flights coming in and out of the island. The runway has been extended several times over the years, including a section that is built on pillars over the ocean, but it is still one of the shortest runways in the world dealing with international flights.

Reagan National Airport, Washington DC

Just three miles south of the capital of the United States, it isn’t really the location that makes this a hair-raising destination, but it is the network of no-fly zones around the city that make landing and departure such a challenge. A steep bank after take-off helps to avoid a route that travels directly over the White House, while the presence of the Pentagon and the Washington Monument are also covered by the prohibited airspace.

The Most Terrifying Airports To Travel Through In The World

Tioman Island Airport, Malaysia

With steep hills to one side and a nice beach and ocean to the other, this is certainly a scenic airport for those who can take in the surroundings without worrying about the challenging descent. The airport really only serves smaller aircraft with flights to Kuala Lumpur and an international flight to Seletar Airport in Singapore.

The Most Terrifying Airports To Travel Through In The World


Paro Airport, Bhutan

Bhutan’s only international airport is where most international visitors to the country will arrive, and it is widely considered to be one of the world’s most challenging airports for pilots, with often difficult weather conditions and peaks towering 3,000 metres above the airport on all sides. It is certainly a scenic place to enjoy before your flight, but you may want to close your eyes during take-off and landing!

Barra Airport, United Kingdom

This airport is located in the Outer Hebrides islands in Scotland, and is fascinating because the flights that land at the airport are actually landing on the sand of the beach here. It is only Twin Otter aeroplanes that carry out the regular service to the airport from Glasgow, but these twin engined aircraft work well with the short take-off and landing space available here.

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