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Top Five Attractions in South America

Top Five Attractions in South America
September 26
16:34 2014

If you’re looking for something other than the usual trip to the Costas this year, why not try flying down to South America; a mysterious continent sure to enchant and delight with its many attractions. This week Bravofly brings you our top five.

South America: Everything you’re looking for

There’s only so much you can see and do in Europe, and the true adventurer gets tired of more of the same after a while. You need something new, something fresh, something so outside of your cultural experience, you’ll come back a changed person.

Head to South America and find everything you’re looking for; fun, history, enchantment, excitement etc. This emerging tourist hotspot has everything you need to have the most memorable week of your life, but with all the options in front of you; where should you start?

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Start obviously by checking out the Bravofly Flight Search Engine, where you can find the cheapest flights, accommodation, tours etc. so that you have everything you need to enjoy the depths of one of the world’s most exotic continents for a price that’ll suit your bank balance.

Our Top Five South American Attractions

Once that’s sorted, you  simply need to decide where you’re going to go, and considering we’ve spent a fair amount of time exploring the reaches of America below the equator, we thought we’d give you  helping hand with these top five attractions in South America:

1)      Machu Pichu: This ancient Inca city, located high in the mountain ranges of the Peruvian Andes, is one of the world’s most famous attractions and rightly so. It’s breathtaking.


2)      Carnival: If you’re in town when Carnival comes to Rio (not this summer though, it’s next due to be held next year before Lent) you can’t miss it. A colourful parade of glorious floats, it’s the party of the year with elaborate costumes, over the top entertainment and so much bling Rio practically shines.


3)      Christ the Redeemer: Whilst you’re in Rio why don’t you look up, that’s all you need to do. Look around and you’ll see the iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer. It’s so integral to the Rio experience it generates millions in revenue every year all on its own; it’s practically a wonder of the modern world!


4)      Casa Rosada: If you’re a fan of musical theatre, then you have to take a trip to Argentina’s presidential palace, the Casa Rosada (pink house). Known to westerners as the home of modern icon Evita, the Casa Rosada is a triumph of architecture that’ll leave you spellbound every single time.


5)      The Amazon: The world’s most famous rainforest, the Amazon covers roughly 40% of the continent, so we’re sure you’ll be able to stop off at some point, although Brazil’s your best bet. Teeming with life, the Amazon is a true sight to behold with a diversity and abundance of nature you can’t find anywhere else on the face of the earth!

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