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Top Travel Tips for a Visit to Milan

Top Travel Tips for a Visit to Milan
June 14
08:00 2016

Milan is one of the most desirable cities in the entire world and is an absolute must-visit for those who appreciate great fashion, food and architecture in particular. Often regarded as the fashion capital of the world, it’s a holiday you’ll be enjoying in style.

If you’re thinking of planning a Milanese getaway, we’re here to help. Here are some top travel tips for a visit to Milan:

Indulge in an aperitivi

A great local custom to jump on board with in Milan (and most parts of Italy, in fact) is the afternoon aperitivi hour, offered by most cafes and bars. This means you get a drink and usually a small snack for a much lower price, as the locals of Milan wind down after a long day of working.

Top Travel Tips for a Visit to Milan

Admire the awe inspiring Duomo (Cathedral)

It’s easy to see why the Duomo is one of the most iconic buildings in Italy – it truly is awe-inspiring. The Duomo, besides being an artistic monument, is a privileged place of prayer. The Cathedral is the Mother Church of the Diocese in which the daily liturgical prayer is experienced in the multiplicity of its forms. The architectural form of the building is incredible and is a must see for photography fans.

Top Travel Tips for a Visit to Milan

Invest in a rail travel card

Getting around Milan (and the rest of Italy) is surprisingly simple (though worth mentioning the trains do tend to run a little later than scheduled a lot of the time). You can purchase an all-day rail card for just a few euros that will enable you to hop on and off metros all day across the city, which gives you great freedom to explore.

Top Travel Tips for a Visit to Milan

Give Italian a go

Although you most likely will find someone that at least speaks a basic level of English, Milan isn’t known for having a high level of English speakers, in comparison to some other global cities, such as Paris. Another way of making your holiday more exciting can be to give the language a go. Italian is a beautiful language and is actually a fair bit easier to pick up than some other European languages, as to some extent, most of the words are generally pronounced as they are written. Invest in a decent phrase book to get you clued up on some of the basic phrases.

Top Travel Tips for a Visit to Milan

Take the usual safety precautions

As Milan is such a global city, there will of course be the usual threat of things like opportunist thieves and pick pockets. This is generally amplified by the fact that they will be aware that tourists generally part with a lot of money in Milan as it’s such a fashion-focused city. Keep your belongings and valuables hidden and close to you at all time, use your common sense and take the usual safety precautions and you should hopefully be fine.

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