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What Top Five Essential Items do You Need to Pack for Any Business Trip?

What Top Five Essential Items do You Need to Pack for Any Business Trip?
April 10
14:30 2015

If you’re heading on a business trip, Bravofly suggests that there are top five essentials items that you have to pack, if you want to ensure your trip is a success.

You’re working with Limited Resources

This trip is your chance to show what you can do; to take your skills, your expertise and talent onto the world stage, and use them to further your company’s bottom line. It’s a fantastic opportunity, but it comes with its limitations.

Namely, you’re only allowed to take so much with you; an irritating prospect, as limited resources often limit what you can do. That is why you need to pack efficiently for any business trip and prioritise the essentials, to ensure you have everything you need on hand to make sure that the trip runs smoothly.

Bravofly’s Top Five Essentials to Pack

There are several essentials that Bravofly suggests you pack to make sure you have the tools you need on hand to make your trip beneficial to your firm’s profit margins:

1)      Standard Suit: A must have if you want a good impression. Take your best suit along with several dress shirts, rather than packing several full suits. That way you can vary it up, whilst saving space in your suitcase.


2)      Dress Shoes/High Heels: Along the same lines as the suit, you need your best pair of dress shoes to make the right impression as an ambassador for your firm. Take no more than one or two pairs, and make sure you take your best.


3)      Laptop: An absolute must, in the modern world where practically every business transaction takes place via the internet, you will be lost without this most basic piece of equipment. If possible, pack a small, lightweight laptop that won’t take up more room in your luggage, or better still, a tablet.


4)      One Size Fits All Charger: With the need to bring a laptop comes the need to bring a charger, however if you have more than one piece of electrical equipment i.e. a smartphone, try to bring a multi-purpose charger to maximise packing space. Also, bring an electrical adapter, as most outlets differ from those we have in the UK.


5)      Painkillers: You will find these more useful than ever on a business trip. Say your back is in a bit of pain after a long flight, or you’ve got a headache after a serious night of networking. You need painkillers to banish the ache, and get your head in the game for the next round of networking.


When you’re packing for a business trip, you need to think about what you need, to make sure that you come away having proved a valuable ambassador for your company. Get yourself in that mindset, and Bravofly can assure you that you’ll pack the essentials you’ll need to make your trip a resounding success.

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