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Why must you visit Morocco?

Why must you visit Morocco?
January 05
11:40 2016

Traveling to Morocco is the best experiences that you can have when you have decided to see the world. The days that you spend there will be really different; above all else, every corner you explore will be especially different. The first thing that you must know is that Morocco and all the places nearby are very cheap. Because of this, little by little, more people are traveling there. Visiting the monuments is almost always free, which most people like.

Marrakesh, Morocco

While in Morocco, it is very popular to visit some of the places and monuments that are important to the cities identity and culture. The first one is without a doubt the Sahara Desert. This place is normally the first reason to travel to Morocco because of how impressive it is. In Merzouga you can experiment the experience to see the highest dunes. Although deserts in general are a little bit dangerous, this desert isn’t dangerous. In my opinion, in comparison with other deserts this one is the best without a doubt.

Why must you visit Morocco?

Another really famous place is the Hassan II Mosque. The name of Hassan II has a double meaning. The first one is the landmark of Casablanca but it is also a mosque in Morocco. Its construction surrounded is really impressive. The best time to visit this mosque is on Sunday mornings because on this day the people normally are praying.

Why must you visit Morocco?

Many years ago the French painter, Jacques Majorelle, created the Majorelle Garden. This garden is characterized by its oriental and exotic colors and most of all by its spectacular plants.  The Riads houses are very typical in Morocco. These traditional houses in the city and they are sometimes small hotels. In these places you can taste a good food but not the best in the city because this one is localized in the Medina.
Medina is the most famous zone in the city but it can be a little you must have dangerous if you are a woman. In this typical market you can find slippers, spices, jewelry pieces and leather bags.

Furthermore in conclusion you can find you must know that there are flights to Morocco at the best prices online.
Are you ready to start to travel to Morocco?

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